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The CALM RED line acts to soothe sensitive skin and strengthen the skin's natural immunization mechanism. The line is based on essential vitamins including E, F and H serving as antioxidants, and a high concentration of plant extracts.

The product line is intended for sensitive skin prone to redness.

- soothes skin
- improves texture
- slows down skin aging
- stimulates skin's natural healing processes

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    Moisturizing serum rich in essential vitamins encapsulated to maintain freshness, to soothe the skin and improve its texture.

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    MASK STEP A | CALM RED 10 ošetřen

    Calm Red mask is a two-phase professional mask containing plant extracts that relieve redness and soothe sensitive skin. Mask A enriched with broccoli extract has soothing effects, restores skin moisture, suppresses its redness and adds a smoother and more flexible look.

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    MASK STEP B | CALM RED 250 ml

    The professional care mask minimizes redness and soothes sensitive skin that is prone to redness. Its composition is derived from a complex of herbal extracts with soothing effect, which help to relieve irritated and skinny skin.

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    NIGHTTIME BALM | CALM RED 250 ml | 50 ml

    Nourishing emulsion, soothes and stimulates skin's natural healing mechanisms.