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About us

Welcome to our beauty and health salon! We know how important it is for our clients to look nice and neat, and have a nice, flexible figure. However, along with the beauty care our salon also cares about the health of our customers, so regenerative and therapeutic treatments are part of our services. We specialize in cosmetology, our cosmetologists have undergraduate medical education, are certificated specialists in the field of derma-cosmetology and have extensive practical experience in aesthetic cosmetology and massage techniques.

We offer comprehensive solutions to all medical and cosmetic skin problems, various therapeutic and corrective procedures, including treatment for aesthetic skin defects, always taking into account individual needs. The methods we use are aimed at activating the internal forces of the body and their help in the overall rejuvenation. Thanks to this improvement affects not only the outer appearance, but also the internal body tissue level. In our cosmetic studio we use the best cosmetics, which can currently be found in Prague, namely French organic cosmetics Phyt's and Israeli cosmetics Holy Land. These specialized high quality brands complement each other perfectly - Holy Land has excellent therapeutic effects, Phyt's prolongs duration of the effects achieved.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic services:

- CARE OF THE SKIN ON THE FACE AND BODY, using professional Israeli cosmetics Holy Land and natural French organic cosmetics Phyt's
- BODY CARE - peeling, deep moisturizing, relaxation, manual lymphatic drainage, active slimming program, Light Feet (removal of swelling, hardening of blood vessel walls)
- BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY - Cryotherapy brand CryoPro (France), ultrasound, Oxy Life, Limfa
- FACE CARE - non-invasive cleaning, peeling, acne treatment, anti-ageing treatments, moisturizing treatment, ultrasonic cleaning, Sonophoresis, lightning treatment, Spanish (vital energy) facial massage, facial lymphatic drainage

We decided to concentrate only on cosmetic procedures, in order to offer our customers the latest methodologies in skin care and provide our services in a comfortable environment.
We believe that after you visit our salon, you will appreciate the professionalism, care, comfort and pleasant atmosphere there.

Your beauty and health is our aim!
Tatiana Semiletova
Chief Doctor, derma-cosmetologist
Contact: 777 773 429