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Thanks to the synergy between two molecular hyaluronic acids and targeted active ingredients, the Aqua Phyt’s treatment ritual offers a 24-hour moisture response for thirsty skins.

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    Crème Hydratante | MOISTURIZING 40 g

    Source of hydration for 24h. Provides the skin hydrating agents that help retain water and prevent losses. Light and creamy texture restores strong and smooth hydrolipidic film, proper moisture and soft and comfortable skin.

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    Fluide Hydratant | MOISTURIZING 40 g

    Light and fluid formulation with high efficiency, guarantees long lasting hydration all day long. Keeps water in epidermis and prevents loss. For normal or combination skin, mattifies and reduces shiny areas while restoring skin hydration. Skin is soft and comfortable.

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    Eau Micellaire Hydratante | MOISTURIZING 200 ml

    Genuine pre-treatment. The light texture of Eau Micellaire Hydratante helps remove make-up gently, tones up and hydrates at the same time. Leaves soft and smooth skin. Skin is cleansed and toned up, ready for further treatment.

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    Elixir Hydratant | MOISTURIZING 40 g

    Formulation concentrated in hydrating active ingredients for long lasting and intense action. A « must » for dehydrated skin and real water infusion during 24h, this precious elixir moisterizes the skin intensely, keeps water and prevents loss. A light texture for soft and smooth, plumped and revitalized radiant skin.

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    Crème Hydra Riche | MOISTURIZING 40 g

    Ideal partner for very dry skin in need for moisture. Rich cream melting slowly into skin for long lasting efficiency. Combination of hydrating and nutritive active ngredients, with rich formulation providing water and lipids to the skin, and balances epidermis water content. Strenghened hydrolipidic film, deeply hydrated and nourished skin for intense comfort.

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    Masque Hydra Gel | MOISTURIZING 40 g

    Light and creamy texture for instant hydrating mask and fresh effect. In 15 minutes, skin is rehydrated, plumped, smooth and radiant. Dehydration fine lines are reduced with restored supple, soft and comfortable skin.