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Sunshineis essential for our bodies, but in small doses. To enjoyitsbenefits, Phyt's has created the Phyt'Solaire line whichprotects the skin before, during and afterexposure. Withtheir light textures, exoticscents, protective naturalminerals and no preservatives, theseproducts are adapted to all phototypes for effective protection and luminousbronzingwith the utmost respect for the skin.  Enrichedwithnourishingnaturalingredients and antioxidants, theypreserveyourskin'syouthfulness.

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    Huile Solaire Ylang | SUN CARE 100 ml

    Nourishing care without SPF. Natural, non-protective sun oil for skin which is already tanned, golden, radiant, evencolored. For skin that is supple, smooth, glowing and silky.

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    Voile Doré | SUN CARE 100 g

    Self tanner. Gradually adorns the skin with a natural and golden tan for an all-over, uniform result. The skin becomes radiant and remains soft and supple thanks to its nourishing active ingredients.

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    Lait Fondant SPF 10 | SUN CARE 100 g

    Creamy Milk SPF 10. Protection UVB 10 - UVA\\r\\nThis creamy spray offers fluid and light texture. Fast absorbing and non greasy, it is rich in vegetal vitamin E and nourishing actives. The skin is sublimated.

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    Créme Protectrice SPF 30 | SUN CARE 75 ml

    High Protection Cream SPF 30. Protection UVB 30 - UVA. Provides high anti-UVA-UVB protection. Fluid texture with convenient application, leaving no white marks. Rich in vegetal vitamin E, also anti ageing.

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    Fluide Protecteur SPF 50 | SUN CARE 40 ml

    High Protection Fluid SPF 50. Protection UVB 50 - UVA. Especially made to place the lightest complexions under high protection.

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    Créme Aprés-Soleil | SUN CARE 200 g

    After-Sun Cream - Reparing. Provides instant softness, freshness and comfort for even the most sensitive skin.