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Lacking hydration and lipids, dry skin pulls, tingles, weakens and becomes more and more over-reactive. To pamper these overly sensitive skins, Phyt’s Laboratories has designed body and facial treatments, wonderfully comfortable “friends” for dry skin. At the heart of Phyt’ssima range, two exceptionally active plants work wonders: Hemp oil and Argan oil. 

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    Soin Visage | PHYT’SSIMA 40 g

    Face Care - Repairs, Relipidates. Repairing and protecting care that soothes very dry, irritated and reactive skin. It nourishes and calms feelings of tautness and redness resulting from skin dryness.

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    Sérum Nutritif | PHYT’SSIMA 30 ml

    Nourishing Serum. Repairs - Nourishes Soothes dry, irritated and reactive skin types. It nourishes and eliminates feelings of tautness and discomfort, even in conditions of extreme cold.

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    Masque Douceur | PHYT’SSIMA 40 g

    Repairing Mask. Repairs - Protects This mask soothes dry, irritated and reactive skin. Argan and hemp oils, rich in Omega 3 and 6 leave the skin nourished.

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    Soin Corps | PHYT’SSIMA 200 g

    Nourishing Body Care. Emollient - Nourishing It soothes very dry, irritated and reactive skin. It restores and reinforces the cutaneous barrier and soothes the irritations of the driest skin. The skin feels like silk.

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    Zones Rebelles | PHYT’SSIMA 100 g

    Reparing care. Fissures - Cracks Care treatment for cracks and fissures suitable for dry and very dry localized areas. It smoothes, soothes and softens the skin, eliminating roughness.

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    Crème de Douche | PHYT’SSIMA 200 g

    Shower Cream. Soap-free comfort cleanser, 72 % Nourishing Cream Enriched with nourishing cream, soap-free, it prevents from dryness. Perfect for skin proned to tingling, it gently cleans and leaves the skin comfortable.

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    Stick Lèvres | PHYT’SSIMA 3,8 g

    Nourishing Lipstick - Soothes, Nourishes. Real complex of nourishing and antioxidant ingredients, it helps preventing lips from dehydration. Delicately perfumed with coconut notes, it leaves your lips comfortable and soothed.

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    Pain Surgras | PHYT’SSIMA 100 g

    Dermatological Bar. Enriched with nourishing argan oil and shea butter, this bar respects dry and sensitive skin, and cleans without drying.